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"The White Sox are committed to helping young athletes discover the thrill of putting on a baseball uniform for the first time and learning what it feels like to be a part of a team. Over the past 14 years, the Bulls/Sox Academy has continued to provide exceptional skills training for the boys and girls in the Chicagoland area. You will not find a more qualified and professional staff to teach your son or daughter the correct way to play the games they love.” - Kenny Williams, Executive Vice President of the White Sox, Former White Sox Center Fielder (1986-1989)

"The Bulls/Sox Academy is a perfect place to start. By learning the fundamentals of the game, teamwork, and hard work you can achieve your dreams." - Toni Kukoc, Former Chicago Bulls Forward (1993-2000)

"I've worked with the Academy and have witnessed remarkable work done by the staff and coaches. I often tell people that if the Academy had been around when I was a player, I would've been a better basketball player and even better person." - Randy Brown, Assistant General Manager to the Chicago Bulls, Former Chicago Bulls Guard (1995-2000)

“The Vault is a perfect place for kids to come and have a blast exercising, while not even realizing they are working out. I might have my birthday party here!"
- Chris Sale, Former Chicago White Sox Pitcher (2010-2016)

"With a high degree of guidance and instruction, the Bulls/Sox Academy emphasizes the importance of leadership, teamwork, and hard work as the staples of enjoying and participating in sports. I highly recommend the Bulls/Sox Academy. My two sons attended the Academy and loved it!" - Chuck Swirsky, Play-By-Play Voice of the Chicago Bulls

"The Bulls/Sox Academy is great. I love to give back" 
- Jim Thome, Chicago White Sox Designated Hitter (2006-2009)


"We signed up my son Daniel for several private lessons at the BullsSox Academy and I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the results.  We started with Coach Alan in LaGrange and later added Coach Richie and Coach Dan at the Lisle facility.

The coaches were tremendous and Daniel's ability and confidence increased  exponentially as the lessons and season progressed.  It cumulated by having him make the AllStar team for his league and the in-house travel team.  Neither of these accomplishments would have been possible if not for the excellent instruction that he received from your fine coaches.  Several parents commented on Daniel's progress and wanted to know our secret, I gladly told them it was the BullsSox Academy and highly endorsed the program as a way to improve their child's performance.

We are taking a short break to enjoy the rest of summer (along with some Sox games) but fully plan to take more lessons as it fall gets closer.  Thanks again for offering these services, it has really made a difference for Daniel and we look forward to how they can help him in the future." -
Rich McGill


"My son (John Romano) had a great time this week at the Arlington Heights Bulls/Sox camp. He was lucky enough to earn Camp Champ for baseball, and also received the Courage Award for his efforts at basketball. Not bad for a 6yr old! We are very proud of him, and appreciate the work all the coaches did with him this week....keeping things both informative and fun. Great experience, and we will be back again next year!" - John Romano

“Everyone I spoke with had wonderful things to say about the clinic and the coaches. Everyone was extremely impressed with the knowledge that your staff has as well as how patient and polite they were. Everyone learned several new things. I must say everyone was highly impressed with Michael Huff's Hitting section. Many of our coaches and parents learned at least one thing from Michael alone. The kids that I spoke with enjoyed the clinic very much. Many of the kids enjoyed all sections and I had some comments about Jordan and his catching section. Everything anyone said was highly positive and everyone was very glad they came to your clinic!”
– Nicole Hamm

"Great news...Ty made his Naperville Central HS team. So with that I want to thank Jim Adduci and your entire coaching staff, along with the entire Bulls/Sox Academy facility for all you have done with and for him. His confidence and energy is soaring." - Mick

"Just wanted to let you know that we hosted our annual tournament this past weekend and for the FIRST TIME in four years the Lisle Wolves were the CHAMPIONS!

"It's hard to believe the season is only a week old after the nasty weather caused us to cancel 3 games.  We won our opener in league play last Monday on a walk-off 5-4 win after entering the bottom of the 7th down 2.  We lost the opener in our tourney 11-5 despite being up 5-3 in the 5th.  We won 4-3 in game two and 5-1 in game three to get into the bracket.  We had a rematch in the semis with the team that beat us.  We were up 1 in the bottom of the last inning and they had bases loaded, 1 out and a 3-1 count and we held on to win that ballgame.  We then won the championship 5-3 in a solid game against the team that knocked us out last year. Thanks to you and your team for the offseason help that got us to this point!" - Ken


"My two sons (age 6 and 8) just finished their first Bulls Academy at Randall Oaks in Dundee today. They were given a week at the Academy as a gift, and I wasn't quite sure how well they would do. Neither one of them has shown much interest in sports, and neither one of them is particularly athletic. I was expecting them to go for a day or two before asking if they could skip the rest of the week. After the first day they couldn't wait to tell me all about all of the stuff that they learned. After the second day, they were so excited to show me how they could dribble and what a chest pass was, and I was floored when they both came to me and asked if we could get a basketball hoop. I took the day off of work on Thursday to go watch them at camp, and while they were still the least experienced players on the court, the patience that the coaches showed and the skill at which they taught my sons how to play the game right were well beyond my expectations. When I brought my boys home from camp, the basketball hoop that I had ordered the day before was waiting for us by the door. Neither one of them left my side as they excitedly waited for me to put it together. When it was done, I shot baskets with my sons. I had never done that before. Thanks so much for teaching my sons how to love the game and for giving me that moment with them." - Joel Neely

"My son Jake did the Bulls camp last week in Libertyville. I wanted to let your administrative team know that the coaches there did a great job and Jake loved the camp!! I could tell they took the time to get to know the kids by how they quickly they knew each by name and then took time to talk to my husband about how Jake specifically was doing even after the second day of camp.

Jake was probably one of the youngest ones at that camp and can sometimes be a little more quiet and withdrawn at times. Coach Kelly and Coach DJ took time to work him through one difficult day when he was feeling down and wanted to go home. They also gave him an award at the end of the camp around courage and how he was brave and overcame that tough day. Jake is very proud of that!!

I have had my kids in many camps and class and really can tell when coaches and teachers go the extra step to make kids feel confident and comfortable. The team of coaches at last week's Bulls camp definitely did that. Jake will continue to benefit from this really fun and positive experience even after the week is done!!"
- Amie Krummick

"My family and I have been going to the Bulls/Sox Academy in Lisle for over three years. Over those years, I have learned so much. The basketball coaches at the Academy are great. These people have shown a great amount of care for my fellow teammates and I. I am writing this to let you know that the Bulls/Sox Academy is running a great basketball facility. All the way from coaches to camps, the program the Academy has created is an atmosphere that brings great joy to those who join.
I am so amazed at how much I have learned from playing basketball at the Bulls/Sox Academy. Thank you for creating this place where anybody could come and be welcomed.
With great passion for basketball" – Erin Moran

"I would like to thank the Bulls/Sox Academy for everything they have done for me over the years. The coaches there were like father figures to me and some of the best I have ever had. They taught me a great deal, and I will be sure to keep in touch with them moving forward as I am moving to LA this summer. Whenever I am back in the area I will definitely be back to visit!" - Gwyn



"I just want to send you a brief note to let you know how impressed Marisa and I were with your tryouts.  It is very obvious why your organization is viewed so highly.  The method you used to evaluate the considerable talent at the tryout seemed very fair and allowed each girl the opportunity to showcase her talents.   I felt that the key aspect that set your organization apart was the level of communication.  Addressing and informing the parents of the White Sox Academy goals, fees, expectations etc… was helpful and appreciated.  Unfortunately, Marisa wasn’t chosen for one of your teams, but we were informed of your decision within hours of the final tryout.  We respect your decision and, again, we were very appreciative of the quick and professional notification by the coaching staff. Please keep up the good work and Marisa and I wish your organization continued success" - John Wakely

"Coach Wozniak - I can't thank you enough for putting on such a great hitting clinic! You, Marty and the entire Academy are so impressive we are fortunate to have such a great place and staff to go to."
- Dan Miller

"Dee Dee and I believe softball has helped to keep Brooke focused on "working hard" to succeed, and that this attitude has had a positive influence on her academic success. The Bulls/Sox Academy has been a big part of this." - Michael Bandy

"Coach Wozniak - The adjustment you made with Emily to catch up to faster pitching was fantastic.  We have had 4 practices since then and she’s on every ball and hitting line drives.  Today, I had the jugs machine up to 58 mph from 36 feet away and Emily was hitting one line drive after another.  I turned it up to 60 and she continued to hit line drives.  I went has high as 62 and she was still hitting line drives.   I realize the jugs machine isn’t necessarily accurate, but it was definitely coming in fast and Emily was stepping early, keeping her hands back and hitting balls high, low, inside and outside.  You have done such a phenomenal job with her that we cannot thank you enough. " - Scott Cohen

"We went to Bulls/Sox Academy so my daughter could learn how to hit the ball. Chris was her instructor for the session. I was so amazed by how she taught the girls step by step on how to stand, how to hold a bat, and how to swing. I will continue to bring my daughter to Bulls/Sox Academy since her goal is to be on a travel team in the near future." - Elizabeth Colvin


“I just wanted to let you know that when our Journey Day Camp had their field trip with you they LOVED it!! Your staff ran it wonderfully and accommodated us when we needed to hurry up the last two rotations. You plan and implement a good program. Thank you!” - Meg Sinisi

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day! Our students not only had a blast, but also learned a lot. Your patience, enthusiasm, and expertise were greatly appreciated. It was ateacher’s DREAM field-trip!” –Julie VanFleet, Meagan Ursini, and Mary McDermott , 5th-8th Grade Teachers at Frances Xavier Warde of Chicago, IL.

“The HEART Home School Group really enjoyed the Fitness Experience! The kids were telling me that this was the best field trip they’ve had! Not only was it educational, but active, and very much hands-on. The parents were enjoying themselves a little too much in the Vault. The instructors we had were knowledgeable and a lot of fun!”
— Evelyn Lebron, Heart Home School Group of Bolingbrook, IL.

"Great spot for field trips to teach kids about health, fitness, and their body. The interactive fitness room on the top floor is awesome!" - Timmy Hellstern

"This is the favorite field trip for our 4th graders every year!" - Kim Burke


“The kids had a fabulous time at Bulls/Sox Academy. The party was a hit!”- Mansi Hans

“Thank you so much! James had such a great birthday! The staff at our party were so much fun and everything was organized!  The kids had a great time!  Kudos to Bulls/Sox Youth Academy & we will definitely be back to enjoy “The Vault”. - Mrs. Ferguson


My son Billy began working out with Hard Gainers 3 weeks ago. The progress he's made in those 3 weeks has been remarkable. Clint has a way of encouraging while he pushes his clients to their maximum potential. What this has done for Billy has helped him in SO many ways! He's is now an advocate of HGA like his old man!! THANKS COACH FOLEY!! I'm next!" - Mark Rosenstein

"Training with HGA was a wonderful experience!! I learned proper form, how to push myself out of my comfort zone, how to eat nutritiously to feed my muscles properly, and how to achieve overall better health and fitness. HGA's professionalism and expertise is beyond any expectation I had. With HGA, I had encouragement and support; someone who wanted me to reach my goals just as much as I did. HGA would check in with me throughout my day to see how I was feeling or how my diet was going. I truly could not have been more thrilled with the whole experience and after just 4 weeks my results were amazing! I recommend HGA for anyone wanting to achieve overall health and fitness goals!" -Sue Eggers

"I had thought I was in fairly decent shape. I planned a workout session with Clint Foley, the man behind "Hard Gainers Athletics". Well to my surprise I wasn't in as good of shape as I previously thought. Clint has a way of getting the most out of you. You think you have nothing "left in the tank". Clint is there to show you that you do. Thanks for the killer workouts Clint!!!"
- Dave Piszczek

"Since training with Hard Gainers, I have taken exercise and living a healthy lifestyle to the next level. They have challenged me both physically and mentally. I absolutely love it! It's a huge priority in my life as well as my family's. Even my one year old knows how to flex!" - Allison Ohlander

"I have been working out now for about twenty years. In and out of several gyms. I got to the point where I was on the computer trying to find that perfect workout routine. Then I signed up for the HGA program. Well, 12 weeks later, I lost 32 lb. of fat, strengthened my core and gained the confidence to push through any workout I approach. I want to take this time to tell you, THANK YOU! I am in the best shape of my life.”
- Keith Schimdt