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What is Explosion®?

Explosion® is the same performance training program used by the Chicago Bulls and White Sox. The Bulls and Sox players are committed to a year round conditioning program to enhance their ability to complete. Thousands of athletes have been trained using these methods, and now we are making Explosion available to the young athlete.

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What does a training session consist of?

All EXPLOSION® classes focus on mobility, speed, agility and power- an all around training experience. Learn what your head, arms, hips and feet should be doing during a sprint. Develop explosive first step quickness, lateral speed and agility, as well as lower body strength and midsection/abdominal (core) strength.
Youth EXPLOSION® . Works to develop motor memory and athleticism. Increase work capacity, agility, footwork, balance, coordination, core stability and body weight strength.

EXPLOSION® for Baseball adds the elements of arm speed and bat speed training.

Arm Speed Develop arm strength, stability, and durability.
Arm Speed contains throwing specific strengthening of the core, rotator cuff and surrounding musculature.

Bat Speed Bombs Away! Develop total body strength and core explosiveness through a combination of body weight exercises, medicine balls and weight training.

EXPLOSION® for Basketball includes training for increased vertical jump, hip power, core stability, and upper body strength.

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How do I register?

You can register online, via fax, or in person at the Bulls Sox Training Academy. A registration form is available at Contact Mark Crabtree at (630) 324-8248 for more information.

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How long is the program?

Each Explosion® session is 8 weeks in length. Athletes 12 years of age and older attend 90 minute sessions. Athletes under 12 attend 60 minute sessions. Athletes enrolled in the program reserve the ability to attend 2 sessions a week.

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Why does the length of sessions differ between ages?

While athletes under 12 can make gains in quickness, speed and agility, it is important at this age to keep any athletic activity fun and exciting. 1 hour of training is the optimal amount to make improvements and keep them excited about training.

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When is Explosion® offered?

Explosion® runs essentially year round. Athletes can begin their training when they are ready based on the times/days available.

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Can I test it out?

Absolutely. We offer a free trial session that allows athletes and parents to see what our training is all about. Call (630)324-8248 to set up a time for your free trial session

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I see the list of time/days offered but don't see specific times for specfic sports?

In order to offer more training options with the flex schedule we won't separate athletes by sport. There may be some basketball players, some baseball players and some fastpitch players at any given time slot.  While each sport has specific demands all three sports require first step quickness, quick change of direction and efficient running technique. We will train mobility, flexibility, speed, agility and core stability as a group. For the strength training component athletes will perform routines geared towards their specific sports. With emphasis on improving physical qualities specific to each sport. 

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How does flex schedule work?

When you sign up for EXPLOSION® you’ll receive a calendar of training options. The options for getting your training done are endless.  No more excuses about how you have practice, too much homework or a party to go to.

Each week brings different challenges and different commitments. There’s no reason to miss any of those activities or miss an EXPLOSION® session because now EXPLOSION® bends, but retains it’s tensile strength in making athletes perform better. No pre-registering for days and times. You attend the sessions that fit your schedule the best. You might consistently attend the same times each week, or depending on your other commitments each week might bring a different combination of days and times.

Planning on coming Wednesday, but can't get a ride or have too much homework. No problem come Thursday, or the next day thats a good fit. No need to call and tell us you're not coming.

For maximum benefit you should try to space out your days throughout the week. The body requires rest and recovery between sessions.

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Why are some of the classes limited to athletes over the age of 12?

Many of the classes limited to athletes over the age of 12 contain significant amounts of weight training, which the younger skeleton is not ready to handle. Athletes under the age of 12 will work to develop speed, agility and quickness as well as body weight strengthening.

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Do I need to attend all of the workouts?

Each workout is designed to build on the previous session's work. Attending all sessions is vital for optimal performance. Training one day a week will not produce long lasting results. Just like when studying for an exam, you can cram the night before and pass, but your long-term knowledge does not improve. Study frequently over a long period of time, and you gain knowledge that will stay with you. When the athlete trains, the body changes. As the body adapts to training the athlete improves. If a workout is not followed up by another workout the body may reverse those changes and all improvements will be lost. As the saying goes use it or lose it!

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