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White Sox 16UEG Lexi Bowdish is the Real Deal

05/09/2018 4:39 PM -

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Lexi Bowdish is the real deal. But you already knew that.

Manteno’s junior catcher always has been a feared hitter. But even with her reputation preceding her and runners on base, Central decided to pitch to Bowdish on Wednesday night.

And as could be expected, Bowdish made the Comets pay an expensive price, finishing the evening 4-for-4 at the dish with a home run, three doubles, four runs and five RBIs in a 17-6 win.

If you were looking for a reason why Bowdish has committed to Division I Butler, here’s exhibit A.

“Every player has their slumps and streaks, but it seems like Lexi’s slumps are hard-hit singles off the sweet spot on the bat,” Manteno coach Josh Carlile said.

Carlile went on to compliment Bowdish’s picture-perfect swing, which was on full display in each at-bat. “If you put it on video and slow it down into fundamental parts, there’s very minimal movement prior to the swing, and her hands travel immediately to the ball, and they stay inside,” he said. “People often stop there, just wanting hands to stay inside the ball. But Lexi gets extension, and that’s where she really separates herself.”