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Bulls/Sox Academy has been training thousands of athletes in the Chicago area since 2001. Strength and Conditioning builds athletic foundation, whether you play basketball, baseball, fastpitch, football or other sports. A solid physical foundation is the first step in athletic
achievement. The best players are the best athletes! With that being said, we are extremely excited to announce our new partnership with Hard Gainers Athletics!

Hard Gainers Athletics is a fully-customized fitness regimen that is geared toward achieving specific athletic and fitness goals for the Hard Gainer. Areas addressed include individual assessments and goal setting, structured goal-specific fitness regimen, nutritional and supplementation recommendations to maximize gains.image HGA was started to help young or struggling athletes and non-athletes make the most of their fitness potential and to establish a life-long foundation for a positive, healthy lifestyle. In addition to the physical benefits, important life lessons are also taught:

►  Commitment
►  Goal Setting
►  Work Ethic
►  Sense Of Urgency
►  Escaping Comfort Zones
►  Adapting To Stress
►  Self Confidence & Improvement Recognition


Strength & Conditioning classes will resume September 1st, 2018. Please check back then for class offerings. Thank you.


►  Offered during select times of the year
  Individualized program design written specifically for you

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For more information about Hard Gainers Athletics, call (630)674-0335 or email Clint at: