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The Bulls/Sox Academy is excited to announce a new partnership with Hard Gainers Athletics (HGA). Hard Gainers Athletics will operate the strength and conditioning development program for the Academy. The partnership ensures the Academy continues to provide your young athlete with an overall path to reach their goals of athletic achievement. Over the coming days, all current Academy S&C customers will be contacted directly by HGA Founder Clint Foley, or a member of his staff, to discuss all the new and exciting elements of the HGA programming; including new membership offerings and the renewal processes for online sign-up & purchases.

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Hard Gainers Athletics to provide our strength & conditioning services. Conditioning is such a critical part of development for an elite athlete. We have been very impressed with Clint’s program, what he has achieved in taking athletes to the next level, and the reputation he has built in the community,” said Xan Pearson, Bulls/Sox Academy President. “HGA’s philosophy and focus on life skills and mindset complements the Academy’s approach to athletic development. We are confident this partnership will provide our customers with the most comprehensive and premier sport development training.”

Hard Gainers Athletics is a custom strength & conditioning program for athletes and non-athletes. Established in 2012 by founder and strength & conditioning specialist, Clint Foley, HGA has built successful programs for clients ranging from the foundational, introductory level to elite, Division I collegiate athletes. The HGA program addresses the entire athlete through five core elements:

1) Strength & power development
2) Nutritional support for proper recovery
3) Speed, agility, and aerobic conditioning work
4) Mobility development
5) Mental conditioning and preparedness.

A former full-ride NCAA college athlete and business-world corporate executive, Clint started HGA to pass on his knowledge of goal-setting, facing and overcoming adversity, commitment to maximizing athletic or functional fitness potential, and operating out of one's comfort zone to produce continued results. HGA is comprised of passionate, fitness professionals who live for training and partnering with clients in need of quality programming and support.

Whether you are a struggling player trying to make the team, an elite athlete looking to take your athletic development to the next level or a working professional who wants to live a healthy, active lifestyle, Hard Gainers Athletics is committed to building superior training programs to meet your needs and assist you in accomplishing more than you thought possible.

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16-sessions 32-sessions

16 Sessions
$20/per session
Total = $320

(2-Month Limit)

32 Sessions
$17.50/per session
Total = $560

(4-Month Limit)


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2016 Fastpitch Meets Strength and Conditioning! from Bulls/Sox Academy on Vimeo.